Clinical Update (Diabetes Type II)

Clinical Update
This assignment is an 1800 word clinical update on one of the topics below.
The format of your clinical update and any innovative ideas you use to present your topic is your choice but you must include:

? Introduction: Provide some epidemiological data to illustrate how relevant the topic is (Australia and worldwide), definition/explanation about the nature of the condition/disease process, objectives and scope and structure of your paper. A good introduction will get the reader?s interest.
? Aetiology & pathogenesis:
? Causes of the disease and risk factors
? Explanation of anatomy/physiology where appropriate
? Pathogenesis, i.e. how the disease progresses and complications
? Implications for public health
? Clinical manifestations: Explain the signs and symptoms.
? Diagnostic process: Provide information on a comprehensive diagnostic work-up with rationales
? Treatment:
? Implications for pharmacological management (including medication types, mode of action, dosage, side effects)
? Non-pharmacological treatment options
? Health promotion
? Provide rationales for your treatment options, based on the literature
? Conclusion: This should include a summary of the most relevant points for the practice of a registered nurse. Do not introduce new material. This could be summarised as bullet points.


Topic Points to consider
Diabetes Type II Regulation of BSLs
Population impact
Risk factors
Difference to type I
Insulin resistance
Diagnostic tests
Treatment options, life-style changes

In-text and end-text referencing according to APA guidelines
Evidence of research beyond text & assigned readings (at least 8-10)

Currency (not older than 7 years)
Credibility (peer reviewed, government websites, etc.)
Relevance (evidence based, covers topic)


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