Class 441 Assignment 3: Article Review (Week 6)

Field: Business Finance – Economics

Assignment Instructions

Instructions for the Article Review
Locate a peer-reviewed article (related to the course content) published within the last 60 days in a peer-reviewed journal from the online library, then present a 2-3 page assessment comprising of a precise and critical evaluation. Do not summarize the article. Evaluate the information presented in the article. This assignment has many benefits. First, it requires a search of indexing and abstracting databases from the online library to find an article that meets the specified criteria (must be related to the course content). It also emphasizes what a scholarly article is; to discern between scholarly and non-scholarly writing; to condense someone else’s lengthy argument into a concise report; to think critically about what has been read by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the research; and, thus, to become participants in the discussions regarding the Supply Chain and Logistics profession.
Article Review Rubric
ALL PAPERS All papers should meet the following criteria:·  Follow APA formatting and style guidelines (6th edition)·  Follow all instructions for each assignment·  12 inch standard font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri·  1 inch margins·  Double-spaced·  Submitted on time·  Represent your best work


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