Cisco Systems

Introduction on Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems is a well renowned multinational corporation that specializes in the not only selling but also designing of electronics, networks and all sorts of technology involved in communication and services. Cisco Systems has its base in America with the headquarters in San Jose in California. Being one of the largest technology corporations in the world today, Cisco Systems had huge annual revenue of $40 billion in 2010 (Akademische 68). The highly successful corporation that we have today in Cisco Systems which employs more that 65000 people is merely a product of the brilliant combination of Len Bosack and Lerner Sandy. The two people were just staff in Stanford University in the computer operations department.

Cisco Systems enjoys a great deal of success also in that it was the first company to ever sell routers that could successfully support network protocol in multiples. This was though affected by the fact that as people accepted more the use of Internet Protocol, the less was the acceptance and usage of multi-protocol routing. It is no wander that Cisco Systems today has its supply of the largest routers being used basically for delivering Internet protocol packets. Cisco Systems has its success in aggressively improving its market so rapidly to the fact that it mainly depends on acquisitions as the main strategy.


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