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bangor family practice

This assignment entails evaluating an excel spreadsheet and doing the essay as indicated by the attached instructions and case study .Please see attached documents. Also attached Proteach is the completed assignment that I need another look at. The work has to be precise and detailed. It’s a Master’s level course. I doubt it you will need all of the attached document. The biggest ones are the excel spreadsheet, case study and instructions.





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Review and provide POSITIVE feedback for two presentations. This should be a critique, with meaningful feedback.

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research and evaluation help

The task of this assignment is to present a well-developed rationale for the type of research you propose along with a substantive rationale for the statistical data analysis process you propose for the intended research investigation. Ensure the following in your written response for this assignment:

  • Restate the need for your final project research investigation.
  • Restate the formulated research question.
  • Refine your testable hypothesis (both null and alternate) where it is needed.
  • Stipulate the independent or dependent variables being investigated.
  • Present the type of parametric or nonparametric inferential statistical process (correlation, difference, or effect) you would use in your proposed research investigation and give reasons for your choice. A sound rationale must accompany the selection.
  • Declare an acceptable behavioral research alpha level you would use to fail to accept or fail to reject the stated null hypothesis and explain your choice.
  • Identify the type of measurement instrument to be used to garner the raw numeric data to be statistically analyzed and the type of measurement data the instrument produces.

Write your response in a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document


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managing people homework

Assignment 2: Learning Assessment System Assignment (LASA) 1: Team Performance Report

A manager who understands the concepts for developing and managing teams and can apply those concepts to improve team performance is likely to be successful in managing a high-performing team. In this assignment, you will apply these concepts to a given situation. You will examine issues within a team, uncover root causes, and develop a plan to improve team performance.

Research concepts to improve team performance using your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Select at leastthree authoritative resources, one of which may be your text, to use in this assignment.

Assume, you are the supervisor of a product development team that creates designs for widgets for your company’s ABC product line. After they are approved, the designs are sent to manufacturing. The last set of designs your team submitted to manufacturing were altered to reduce manufacturing costs as mandated by senior management. The widgets were then manufactured using the altered design. Unfortunately, the sales of the widgets are not making the target numbers as published in the sales marketing plan. Your team believes the poor sales results are because of the changes in design.

Additionally, there have been some performance issues with the widgets produced so far. Each time one is found, it is brought to the attention of top management and your team. Your team provides a fix to the design, which is then sent to manufacturing. Management is concerned about the number of performance issues that keep arising week after week. Your team has regular, weekly meetings to discuss risks, issues, product improvement ideas, and the status of any project work currently underway. These meetings have become unproductive and a waste of time because team members continue to rehash old issues. They believe senior management is to blame for the market failure of your teams’ product. As a result, you are unable to get anything accomplished. One team member is particularly outspoken and has become belligerent in your team meetings.

The team seems unfocused and unwilling to look at root causes for the poor development of designs that do not perform well. Several of the team members are even looking for new jobs because they are afraid they will soon be laid off. Both motivation and morale continue to decline each week.

Download and review the Team Performance Report template from the Doc Sharing area. Analyze the case information and fill in the template.

Write a detailed report for senior management addressing the issues you described in the Team Performance Report. Use the filled in template to support your assertions.

In your report, include the following:

  • Identify at least one performance issue that could be contributing to the team’s poor performance and at least three root causes for the performance issue(s) identified.
  • Develop two specific suggestions for improvements that could positively impact each root cause. You will have six suggestions in all.
  • Create a communication plan for your performance improvement suggestions for three different audience types in the organization. Include at least one written communication sample piece. Identify as many details as possible that will need to be considered for each audience type.
  • Determine two strategies for motivating/incentivizing employees that would improve performance and morale. Justify your suggestions.
  • Identify two strategies for developing the team as a whole. Justify your strategies.

Give reasons and examples from your selected resources in support of your assertions.

Write a 6-page paper in Word format. Be sure to include your filled-in Team Performance Report. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc.

By Wednesday, January 14, 2015, deliver your assignment to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Identified one poor performance issue and at least three root causes for at least one issue.
Identified two suggestions for improvements for each of the three root causes (six total).
Created a communication plan for three different audience types.
Created a sample of a written communication for a specific audience type.
Determined two strategies on motivating and incentivizing employees.
Identified two development strategies for the whole team.

Writing Components:

Organization (12)
Usage and mechanics (12)
APA elements (16) 
Style (4)

Click here to view the rubric for this assignment.


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final paper 108

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allan slept 95 hours and woke 750am what time did he go bed 0

allan slept 9.5 hours and woke up at 7:50am what time did he go to bed

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computer algorithms

Algorithm Project


Pick a problem (should be non-trivial) and write a detailed algorithm for that problem.

Do not forget that an algorithm has the following pieces:

1. Describe the problem

o this might be what a boss gives you

2. Formulate the problem

o restate to make sure you understand

o will state preferences or restrictions

o this might often be the hardest part

3. Design the algorithm

o Make sure all cases accounted for

o This can be words, pseudo code or a flow chart or a combination of all

4. Analyze the algorithm


5. Add possible extensions

o Cases not accounted for?

o Other possibilities?

6. Test the algorithm (at least 2 cases)

o Actually trace your algorithm with two cases – one that should work and one that should not work

o Should be a step by step trace


Don’t forget an algorithm should have the following properties: Input, Output, Precision, Determinism, Finiteness, Correctness, and Generality.

The final product needs be typed up and submitted in soft copy (modifiable file … .rtf or .doc or .docx, not .pdf) via the portal. Length is dependent on the problem but should be sufficient to cover the subject in detail. Grade will be based on completeness and level of effort.

Possible ideas:

Ø Staff and/or resource scheduling

Ø Improve efficiency of some “thing” at work or home

Ø How to build a computer


Think about a process at work that you think is broke that could be improved upon, something in your everyday life that could be improved, or something that you do re


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