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I.      Introduction to Company

II.    Current Situation/Issues/Problems (List and Discuss)

III.   Alternatives for Each Issue/Problem

IV.    Selection of, and Justification for, Selected Alternative

V.      Conclusion

VI.    Appendix A – Current Scenario & Analysis – Research

·         Describe environmental conditions that influenced Atul’s decision to entertain TA Associates’ unsolicited investment proposal. How will the partnership change TEOCO’s business?

·         What are the expectations of both parties? How can the companies ensure that these expectations will be met?       

·         Discuss TEOCO’s strategy. What challenges does the TTI acquisition pose for the company?

·         What suggestions do you make for Atul as he adjusts to anticipated organizational changes and executes revisions to his strategy? What steps can or should be made in light of the company’s new circumstances?


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