Any work can always be perfected. At PQE we are always willing to revise your paper at no extra cost. Our revision policy requires that all requests are made within 14 days for essays that are less than 20 pages, one month for essay more than 20 pages.

According to policy, we term the revision period at the period between the end of the timeline provided by the client and the time the revision request is made. After the expiry of the revision period, requests will be taken as a new paper at the normal prices will apply.

Although PQE acknowledges that there are many determinants that need to be considered for revision, we reserve the rights to review and set revision period that are sufficient both for the writers and the clients. The standard revision period applies to all papers and at expiry we will assume that the client is satisfied with your essay.

When we receive revision requests we will embark on amending your paper in line with your instructions. We will do the revisions as many times as we can to your satisfaction.

NB: All revision requests should be in line with the original instructions. Any request that deviate from the previous revisions will be subject to additional charges applicable to new orders. All revisions requests after the lapsing of the revision periods will be taken as new orders.