business plan (entrepreneurship)

Assessment 2 BUS302 T0218
Assessment Type: Case Study 2500 +/- 10 word report – Group or individual assessment.
Purpose: To allow students to begin to apply the knowledge and skills of the subject to a real world example. This assessment supports and relates to Learning Outcomes a, b, c and e found in the Subject Outline.
Topic: Students are required to create their own Business Plan on any product or service they wish.
Please use similar business plan in the style (but summarised) as on page 198 of your text.
Schaper, M,.Volery,T,.Weber,P,. & Gibson, B,.(2014) Entrepreneurship and Small Business 4th ed.Cornwall: Wiley
Task Details: Refer back to subject outline but as summarised here.
An Entrepreneurial Venture – groups are to develop an entrepreneurial product or service that could be commercialised. The group is to assume it is seeking funding of $100,000.00 to add to the existing funds of $100,000.00 (which you saved or were loaned) and include a financial plan for the use of these funds for the first financial year. The product, service or process should be original and producible (i.e. no science fiction).
The primary target market should be local, although secondary markets may be reached via the internet. Pricing, distribution and promotion strategies should reflect this.
To assist groups in managing their progress, pairs of students should be finalised by week 4 and advise the tutor of their chosen product or service and primary market for approval.
The proposal should be communicated in a 2500 word report, containing all relevant detail and supporting evidence (in attachments), and a presentations as if to a potential financer.
Presentation: Report: Students should present this idea/venture in a 2500 +/- 10% word report containing;
1) A Title Page (consider the design – it needs to look attractive and professional)
2) Executive Summary
3) Table of Contents
4) Background (to the idea)
5) Mission
6) Product (Service) offering
7) Market analysis a) Industry analysis b) Competition
8) Primary Target market
9) Marketing
a) Product (probably similar to section 3 above – additional detail where necessary)
b) Pricing c) Distribution d) Promotion
(Including a 1 page mock-up of a proposed advertisement)
10) Financial plan
11) Critical risks
12) Reference list identifying all sources used – these should also be found in the body of the report where used and referenced using Harvard – Anglia style referencing.
13) Attachments as required. Remember, images of the product, brand and promotions will add value to the report.


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