Beverly Loan Company Strategic planning

Beverly Loan Company is a family company headquartered in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills in California [CA]. Beverly Loan Company has served California since 1938 in providing collateral loans. Beverly Loan Company has endured many rough economic times such as economic turmoil in 1930’s, and 1970’s depressions, 1940’s world war and 2008 economic recession. Currently, Beverly Loan Company purchases, sells and gives credit against collaterals such as jewelries, lithographs and sculptures. This collateral company has initiated a new website that provides a wide range and detailed information about the company’s unprecedented security, unique history and privacy measures. The site also entails the company’s extensive press coverage; both in and updated visual presentation. In addition, the Beverly Loan Company website hosts audio and video casts for interactive services. For instance, the site’s “Pawn News” provides clients and viewers in general with extensive and continuous new coverage on topics relating to the company’s expertise such as “how to grade a diamond” and the market trends in jewelry and art auctions. Further, the site is presenting company’s revitalized online existence to the world. Beverly Loan Company has also entered social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, FaceBook and tweeter linked direct from company’s homepage.


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