baber makayla need add thought writing

The acorn does not fall far from the tree.  The thought behind this is that the child will grow up to be like the parents.  They resemble their parents by how they act, mannerisms, personality, and defining characteristics.  What if the environment is bad for the child; can the child know the environment is bad even if it is the only environment it knows.  Education is key if a child can become educated they can see why staying to close could be a bad or a good thing.  Freewill which is what each and every individual has the privilege to use to make their own choices.  The thought behind this is they can see the wrong in their own parents and choose to do better or copy and continue down the path most traveled.  For example, there were two brothers and one was an alcoholic and one refused to ever touch a drop.  When asked why do you drink, he responds, “because my father did,” and when the other brother was asked why do you not drink, he responded. “because my father did.” Thus illustrating no two people are a like and see situations differently.  Not every type of an idea can be a theory or can become an assumption to start a theory, but until properly addressed it is not a theory.  Throughout both these chapters this stuck with me.  I have been through difficult and diverse situations myself and have pushed forth to be able to move on and push against a harsh current to stand where I am today, and everyone is an individual.  The more Irealized that these theories can not always be right when it comes to people because “a plus b cannot always equal c”.  These are people not numbers and ideas of where people should be not where they are supposed to be.  These are my thoughts and ideas that I have gained from these chapters.


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