assignment 3019572 2

1. Provide a discussion of the Registered Traveler program. Be sure to include a discussion of the technology as well as the impact for airports and airlines.


2. How do Centralized Communication Centers improve airport efficiency?


3. How do Passenger Screening Systems integrate manual and technological processes?


4. Why are FIS systems classified as MIS?


5. What are the MIS elements of a Checked Baggage Screening System?


6. Read the following report: 

Changes in Airport Passenger Screening Technologies andProcedures: Frequently Asked Question and answer the following questions:

  1. Discuss the purpose and content of AIT.
  2. How is AIT improving efficiencies at airports?
  3. What prompted the use of AIT in airports?

7. Voice Evacuation and Public Address Systems are Life Safety and Public Information Systems. Discuss your experiences with these types of systems and how they impact Aviation Systems.


8. What is the technology included in Fireman’s Red Phone System?


9. What and how do regulations impact Fire Alarm Control Systems?


10. Why are Life Safety Systems included in the discussion of MIS Systems?


11. Discuss data transfer from Smoke Control Systems.


12. Address the following in a short essay paper, using citations to support your work:

Conduct a review of Fire Alarm Systems and write a 500 word (minimum), essay paper that discusses how other airport integrate with Fire Alarm Systems. 



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