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Assignment 3: Management Theory Analysis

  1. Provide a detailed overview of a particular theory used by managers to inform practice and review alternatives or solutions. Please be sure to choose a specific theory – not a theory group.   
  2. As part of the detailed overview, include the definition of the theory, the major thought leaders/theorists who have contributed to the development of the theory, and areas of business and management where the theory is often applied.  Lastly, provide a scenario where the theory might inform management practice within an organization or the organization to which you belong. 
  3. As with all your Critical Thinking assignments you should have a cover page and a reference page, and follow APA guidelines.   
  4. The body of the paper should be two pages in length.   Please cite at least three library articles in your paper.  Include a reference page and in-text citations. Remember, your thoughts, feelings, and opinions are not applicable in Critical Thinking assignments.  Research and facts support critical thinking efforts.



Assignment 4: Critical Thinking Assignment

  1. Identify a professional journal that is relevant to this course’s field of study.
  2. Select a current (2010-2012) research article related to one of the four topics below.  Read the article carefully and complete the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table.
    – Organizational Culture and Ethics
    – Leadership & Leadership Theories
    – Management & Management Theory
    – Strategy & Strategic Thinking
  3. Things to remember when completing the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table:
    – Use academic writing style, clear and concise language, and well-constructed paragraphs (a minimum of three sentences are required to develop a paragraph). 
    – Ensure complete adherence to the CSU-GC graduate APA formatting standards.
    – Limit the length to 400 to 600 words. Include a title page and reference page with the Critical Thinking Research Evaluation Table

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