Application for a job as a sales manager

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Cover letter
Zhipeng Jiang
Institutional affiliation
Zhipeng Jiang
1111 w college ave
Sony Corporation of America
Hiring Manager
Dear Hiring manager,
Re: Application for a job as a sales manager
Taking care of your company’s customers, meeting up with their needs, and fulfilling their desires, in a much more courteous and professional manner is the best customer service delivery ever. This is the best description of my customer service philosophy.
Product marketing, market analysis, and team mobilization is what I am offering you for hire. Sony produces quality electronics ranging from television sets, cameras, sound systems, and studio equipment just to name only but a few. You can imagine how well you could sell if you worked with a focused sales manager with perfect enthusiasm as mine. Trust me when I tell you that I can revolutionize your customer service.
I am eager to hear from you pretty soon enough. I strongly do believe that if I get the opportunity to have an interview with you, it is very clear that you will find my skills to match with what you need. I will keep in touch with you in two days’ time to confirm the interview date believing that you will have gone through my resume. Thank you.
Kind Regards,
Zhipeng Jiang


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