Analysis of eBay Inc. for Investment

eBay Inc. is an online marketplace that specializes in creating a platform for buyers and sellers to interact. The company started in 1995 as an online auctioning company but developed into the world-marketplace. In 1998, the company was listed in NASDAQ as EBAY and its stocks started to trade. For an investor, eBay Inc. is an ideal company worth investing. This is because its operational foundations are right business wise. A CEO who is also the president leads the company. Financially, the company is performing well with its annual revenues rising gradually since it started its operations in 1995.
A recent report of the third quarter in 2011 financial year indicate that the company’s revenues are on the rise with its earnings per each diluted share growing by 20% to $0.48 in 2011 when compared with the same period in 2010. The net revenue also rose by 32% for the same period while the total assets grew by $ 2 billion. The company’s revenues accrue from transaction fees charged as products are exchanged and listed. eBay is highly innovative, has a global presence and a strong eBay® brand. Its strongest competitors are Google, Yahoo!, and Cragslist. The company’s strengths include strong acquisition power, strong finances and ability to innovate. eBay Inc. however has been sued severally for allowing the parading of counterfeit goods in its site.


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