All of the following terms have been used to describe the HR function except:

Please answer the questions below:

1. All of the following terms have been used to describe the HR function except:
A. Human resource management
B. Personnel
C. Industrial relations
D. Trade relations

2. Effective HRM focuses on _______________ rather than record keeping, written
procedure, or rules.
A. action
B. intuition
C. experience
D. precedent

3. ____________________ focus(es) on the maximum well-being of the worker.
A. Industrial psychology
B. Human resource management
C. Scientific management
D. All management theories

4. All of the following are key concepts that should be applied by HRM except:
A. Analyzing and solving problems from a profit-oriented point of view.
B. Assessing costs or benefits of recruitment and training.
C. Using planning models that include realistic, challenging, specific, and meaningful
D. Emphasizing the strategic importance of expendable employees.

5. The text identifies three elements that are needed for firms to be effective. Which of
the following were included in these elements?
B. Mission and Strategy
C. Organizational Structure
D. All of the choices are correct

6. Title VII prohibits discrimination by all of the following, except:
A. Private employers with 15 or more employees
B. Private membership clubs
C. Federal employers
D. Employment agencies

7. If a plaintiff proves that a disparate impact exists, an organization may then defend
its employment by showing validation or _______________.
A. business necessity
B. hiring records
C. process improvement plans
D. modified HRM procedures
8. Which of the following is not an example of unwelcome conduct that may create a
hostile work environment?
A. Making sexually oriented jokes
B. Displaying sexually oriented calendars
C. Touching of a sexual nature
D. Being passed over for a promotion

9. ______________ the exchange of sexual favors for job benefits.
A. A hostile work environment is defined by
B. Quid pro quo harassment is
C. Pro quid harassment is
D. Sexual Harassment always involves

10. Generally, an employer may fulfill its duty to prevent or remedy hostile work
environment harassment by doing all of the following, except:
A. Developing an anti-harassment policy
B. Promptly and thoroughly investigating harassment allegations
C. Making the details of the case public
D. Properly disciplining offenders


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