aldh gene has two primary alleles dominant d allele results production nonfunctional aldh en

The ALDH gene has two primary alleles. The dominant D allele results in production of

nonfunctional ALDH enzyme. This results in a build-up of acetaldehyde and a flush reaction

when an individual consumes alcohol. The recessive d allele results in production of a functional

ALDH enzyme and lack of a flush reaction. First, we are interested in the presence or absence of

the flush reaction phenotype.


1. Jasmine and her mother both get a flush reaction when they drink alcohol. Jasmine’s father

does not. Jasmine’s husband, Jake, does not get a flush reaction, but his mother and father

both do.

a. Draw a pedigree of Jasmine, Jake, and their parents. Label each individual with

his/her genotype.

b. What genotypic ratio is expected among Jasmine and Jake’s kids? Show your work

with a Punnett square.

c. What proportion of Jasmine and Jake’s kids are expected to exhibit the flush

reaction? Explain.


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