A Review of the Book, “The Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America’ by Wyn Craig Wade

Wyn Craig Wade is the author of the book entitled ‘The Fiery Cross: The Ku Klux Klan in America’. The book goes for $17.43, which I would regard as quite a fair price. Oxford University Press, USA, published this book in November 1998 and the book ranks its sales at 360,320. As I look at the author’s biography, I understand that Wyn Craig Wade is a historian and a psychologist and he is the best-selling author of such books as ‘The Titanic: End of a Dream’. Hence, I tend to believe that having a historian background and having embarked on writing previously, he has done a great work on this book.
In The Fiery Cross, the author, Wyn Craig Wade traces the Klan from its formation after the Civil War to its present and as well assesses the future role of Klan in America. Wade provides the reader with the history of the group that has undergone a number of renaissances and declines for the past hundred years. The book exhibits a political thesis. The author embarked on writing this book to bring to the limelight the remarkable things that were happening to the Ku Klax Klan. He was most concerned with the prosecution of the Klansmen who committed aristocracies. The story portrayed in the book is about political manipulation and intrigue, hypnotizing organizational and propaganda skills, absurdity and violence. The writer offers an exhaustive analysis of the Klan’s responses to Civil Rights Movement in America and concludes with an assessment of the Klan’s future.


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