1 describe asam patient placement criteria treatment substance related disorders 2 describe

1. Describe the ASAM patient placement criteria for the treatment of substance-related disorders. 2. Describe the three selected types of substance abuse assessments that you might use. Be sure that your choices represent three different age populations such as the elderly, adults, adolescents, or children. 3. Compare and contrast the information being collected in each of the three assessments and describe the areas of concern. Ask, for example, does it include client presentation and functioning, current use and history, high-risk behavior, first exposure, consequences of addiction, culture, life skills, work, vocation, education, health, recreation, or spirituality? Present the comparison of the four types of substance abuse assessments in a table. 4. Explain special considerations, including ethical issues, which would apply to the different populations selected. 5. Evaluate the importance of having assessment tools for clients in each developmental life stage.

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